Welcome to the RILGES Repeater Group

The Repeater and Internet Linking Group of East Sussex (RILGES), was formed in 2012 in order to co-ordinate the provision, awareness, education, support and maintenance of our local affiliated Amateur Radio Repeaters, DStar and Internet Linking in East Sussex.

This RILGES website, and open discussion forum, has been provided to not only have an independent focus on the locally supported stations but provide open, up-to-date news and information to the Amateur Radio Community, so please feel free to contribute and to visit us again!


Amateur Radio REPEATERS and DSTAR

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Fund Raising for a Permanent GB3HE 70cm Repeater - Hastings
We are looking to Raise £1250 through Memberships and Kind Donations
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GB3EB (Repeater Eastbourne) - GB3HE (Repeater Hastings)

MB6EB (DStar Node Eastbourne)

GB7ES (DStar Repeater Eastbourne)

MB7UVS (APRS Digipeater Hastings)